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Certificate in Internal Workplace Mediation

An effective and powerful approach to resolving workplace conflict and dispute

Conflict at work is a costly business.

It can happen in any workplace. Differences between individuals at work can lead to grievances, absences and loss of valuable employees.

Mediation helps people who don't see eye to eye to sort out their differences as quickly as possible and so minimise distress and cost. That's why many organisations are setting up their own mediation schemes and training their employees to mediate in workplace disputes between individuals.

Many of those organisations turn to Acas for help. Our specialist advisers have worked with a large number of well-known customers helping them to develop mediation schemes that meet their needs and to train their employees in mediation skills.

The Certificate in Internal Workplace Mediation (CIWM) has been developed by Acas in response to this demand. It draws on that experience to provide a course we believe provides the key to successful mediating.

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About this course

This five-day course gives employees and managers the mediation skills and strategies they need to successfully mediate in their own workplace. It equips candidates with the skills, behaviours and knowledge needed to be an effective workplace mediator and manage the mediation process.

After completing the course delegates will:

  • understand the nature of workplace conflict
  • be able to identify when internal workplace mediation is appropriate
  • have the skills and behaviours needed to be an effective mediator
  • know the mediation model and the key tasks of each stage
  • be able to manage the mediation process effectively and confidently
  • know how to evaluate their own performance and that of others.

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Hear feedback from delegates who have attended the Acas Certificate in Internal Workplace Mediation:

"Acas believes that disputes over small issues can rapidly escalate and result in damaging conflict. This can ripple through the organisation impacting on employee engagement and productivity and in the worst cases lead to a possible increase in costly employment tribunal claims. The Certificate in Internal Workplace Mediation (CIWM) provides the opportunity for organisations and individuals to develop their own mediation capability to resolve disputes quickly and effectively in order to minimise distress and cost."

Brian Thornton, Head of Good Practice Services, Acas

Course structure and content

The course contains five units delivered over five days. We use two trainers, three on day five, and limit trainee numbers to 12 on each course to allow maximum individual attention. Trainees will be assessed via written and practical work to ensure they have reached the standards required to gain the certificate.

They will receive plenty of support from our expert team of trainers and assessors.

  • Unit 1: Understanding conflict and mediation in the workplace
  • Unit 2: Introducing the parties to mediation
  • Unit 3: Moving through the mediation process
  • Unit 4: Skills and strategies for managing the mediation process
  • Unit 5: Practicing mediation skills.

The course can also be delivered in-house and tailored to your organisation's needs. Visit our list of CIWM courses in your area or make an enquiry online.


Training suitable for...

Managers at all levels, human resource professionals, in-company lawyers, employees, employee representatives and anyone interested in managing conflict more effectively in their workplace.

The award

The CIWM is an accredited learning event. This means that the certificate your employees gain meets a consistent standard and that the delivery of the course and assessment of trainees is externally verified and quality assured.

Please note that this course is not suitable for trainees who plan to work as freelance mediators outside of their own workplace.

Introducing a mediation scheme to your workplace

Acas can assist you to develop your own mediation scheme. The way in which mediation arrangements are introduced and embedded within a workplace is crucial to ensuring their effectiveness. Learn more about Introducing a mediation scheme to your workplace.

Read evaluation of the impact of the internal workplace mediation training

This detailed report examines delegate satisfaction with workplace mediation training and also the impact it has had on their role and on their organisation. Some key findings include:

  • Survey participants and case study interviewees reported that skills they acquired were transferable, both to other aspects of their working life, including day-to-day interactions with colleagues, and aspects of their private life outside of the workplace
  • The Certificate in Internal Workplace Mediation (CIWM) training was very well received by course participants. There was great enthusiasm for both the content of the course and the way that it had been delivered by the trainers
  • Key skills acquired on the course include a range of soft skills such as listening, questioning, reframing and engaging with individuals and issues

Further the report shows:

  • Our training is well received with 94% very or fairly satisfied
  • After gaining accreditation through the Acas CIWM training, mediators have managed to resolve 83% of disputes successfully in their workplaces

Read the full report:
pdf icon An evaluation of the impact of the internal workplace mediation training service [607kb]

Some feedback about CIWM

"The Certificate in Workplace Mediation is the best course I have attended in years. The facilitators worked well together and offered a wealth of knowledge and experience, the delivery was a good balance of theory, practical and group work and we were prepared well for the next step: the portfolio. The five day course was intense, and challenging but thoroughly enjoyable. There was also a good mix of delegates with varying skills and expertise. At the end I had personal feedback that allowed me to understand my skills and areas for improvement. Thank you Acas!"

Partnership Development Manager

"I thought the course was excellent and gave fantastic practical skills to take away to utilize in difficult situations back in the workplace - even if you weren't going to set up a formal mediation scheme, as in my example. I would happily highly recommend it. The trainers were excellent!"

Head of HR

"Excellent relaxed environment, conducive to effective learning"


"The Acas Certificate in Workplace Mediation (CIWM) is a thoroughly comprehensive course which gives you all the skills and knowledge necessary to carry out effective mediations in the workplace. The process which is taught is straightforward and practical and it is easy to implement.

"The most important thing though is that the process actually works, and as such is a great benefit to both employees and the company. I would recommend this course to anyone who is interested in trying to resolve the causes of conflict in the workplace as opposed to just treating the symptoms."

Staff representative 

"Delegates attending our course learn powerful and effective skills for reducing workplace conflict, dispute and relationship breakdowns. Formal procedures may not be appropriate for resolving these issues and if matters end up going to an employment tribunal, this can be time consuming, expensive and stressful for everyone involved.

"Resolving issues before they get to the point of breakdown is extremely important and our Certificate in Internal Workplace Mediation course can teach you or your managers simple and effective techniques which really work.

"The feedback we get on the effectiveness of these approaches to workplace problems, demonstrated through our CIWM course, is extremely positive and shows that this approach makes a real difference to workplace relations and productivity.

"The skills we teach are valuable not just in a dispute situation but in the day-to-day conversations a manager has with their team members."

Acas CIWM trainer

Next steps, course availability and booking

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Further information and support in setting up a mediation scheme in your organisation

For more information on the CIWM, or to discuss how Acas can help your organisation set up a mediation scheme, please contact the Acas customer services team on 0300 123 1150. You can also submit an enquiry for this course through our online enquiry form.