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Employment Relations Matters archive

Employment Relations Matters appeared regularly between 2004 and 2009. Each issue has three short features on employment relations issues, and summaries of research from the Acas Research and Evaluation Section. The views expressed are those of the author and not the Acas council. This publication has now been replaced by Employment Relations Comment.

Previous issues of Employment Relations Matters are available to download in PDF format below:

  • pdf icon Issue 13 - Winter 2009 [365kb] - Topics in this issue: Unravelling the code on discipline and grievance, healthy work, healthy lives and employee engagement.
  • pdf icon Issue 12 - Autumn 2008 [424kb] - Topics in this issue: Line managers: making the connection between behaviour and performance, Mediation - a new Acas/CIPD Guide, Settling strikes: the key role of Acas collective conciliation.
  • pdf icon Issue 11 - Spring 2008 [353kb] - Topics in this issue: Employment relations, economic growth and the regional agenda, Social enterprises as a new type of employer, Acas - good value for money.
  • pdf icon Issue 10 - Winter 2008 [353kb] - Topics in this issue: Summarises the issues raised in the policy discussion paper 'Employee Representatives: Challenges and changes in the workplace'.
  • pdf icon Issue 9 - Autumn 2007 [352kb] - Topics in this issue: Race discrimination claims: Unrepresented claimants and employer's views on the Acas individual conciliation service, The Acas helpline: Findings from the 2007 User Survey, Protecting vulnerable workers.
  • pdf icon Issue 8 - Spring 2007 [446kb] - Topics in this issue: Exploring the impact of the 2003 equality regulations on sexual orientation and religion or belief, Vulnerable workers: Falling through the gaps,The Leitch Review: Building better employment relations to seize the prize.
  • pdf icon Issue 7 - Winter 2006 [399kb] - Topics in this issue: Inside the workplace: The 2004 Workplace Employment Relations Survey, Small is beautiful? WERS findings on small and medium-sized firms, Individual dispute resolution in the UK: a view from abroad.
  • pdf icon Issue 6 - Spring 2006 [411kb] - Topics in this issue: The CEHR and the challenge ahead, Odd bedfellows? Human rights, equality and employment relations, An age old problem: the Employment (equality) Age Regulations 2006.
  • pdf icon Issue 5 - Winter 2005 [329kb] - Topics in this issue: An enduring partnership: Partnership and employment relations, Trade union recognition since 1999-the role of Acas,The Acas helpline: Building better employment relations.
  • pdf icon Issue 4 - Summer 2005 [254kb] - Topics in this issue: Extending working life: The forthcoming age regulations, EU procurement directives and the role of the public sector in standard setting, Acas spreads its international wings.
  • pdf icon Issue 3 - Spring 2005 [257kb] - Topics in this issue: The equal pay standoff, Pregnancy at work- SME experience, Managing disability.
  • pdf icon Issue 2 - Winter 2004/5 [380kb] - Topics in this issue: Time to put quality back into working life? , Managing conflict at work-lessons from Acas, Bullying and harassment at work.
  • pdf icon Issue 1 - Autumn 2004 [310kb] - Topics in this issue: Introducing  Employment Relations Matters, Messages from the Acas helpline, Information and consultation at work.