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Helping you with your 5-a-day: Practical resources to get the best from your staff

Bullying And Harassment

Bullying in the Workplace - CMI best practice guidance for managers

Practical advice from CMI to help managers identify the signs of bullying, put preventative measures in place, deal with any cases which do occur, and implement policies on bullying.

Communication, Consultation, Engagement And Leadership

The Advisory booklet - How to manage change will help line managers and employers manage change more effectively by focusing on personal experience of change and what this can tell us about the kind of support employees need & how to engage with employees through regular communication.

Employee engagement looks at how you can improve levels of employee engagement and boost productivity through the way work is organised, how relationships are conducted, and levels of trust and cooperation.

The Acas booklet Employee communications and consultation provides information of the responsibilities of senior management, line managers, supervisors and trade unions in ensuring good communications, and the different ways in which to communicate with employees.

Flexible Working

The Acas booklet Flexible working and work life balance provides practical examples of requests for flexible working that line managers typically have to deal with. It also sets out the business benefits and provides information on how to manage flexible working and a work life balance.

Mental Health Issues

Managing and supporting people with mental health problems - Shift

Shift has produced a series of short films designed to encourage discussion about managing mental ill-health in the workplace.

Health And Safety

Worker Consultation on Health and Safety - Health and Safety Executive

The law requires employers to consult workers or their representatives on health and safety matters. HSE has launched the 'Safe and Sound at Work - do your bit' campaign which is designed to help employers consult employees.

Worker involvement-taking action - Health and Safety Executive

HSE's step-by-step guide will show you how you can effectively and efficiently involve your workers in health and safety.

Learning And Development

Learning and the line: the role of line managers in training, learning and development [PDF, 203kb]

CIPD Report highlighting case study research on the crucial role of the line manager in supporting, encouraging and facilitating learning in the workplace.


Line management behaviour and stress at work - CIPD guidance leaflets

These leaflets are designed to give managers and HR practitioners/employers a framework setting out the behaviours managers need to show in order to prevent and reduce stress in their team and information on how to apply it.

Line Manager Competency Indicator Tool - HSE

HSE has developed, with partners, a tool to help line managers identify the skills they need to prevent work-related stress affecting the health of their team.

Work related stress - What should you be doing? - Health and Safety Executive

HSE website on what your organisation should be doing to prevent work-related stress, ranging from a 10 point check list to get you started to more detailed items, such as the Line Manager Competency Tool.

Managing Conflict

The Acas booklet Managing conflict at work gives an overview of how to manage the relationships in your organisation between individuals, teams, and larger groups of employees including how to recognise signs of conflict, and the issues that cause it.

Managing conflict at work: a guide for line managers - CIPD

This CIPD leaflet is designed to help equip line managers with the skills and confidence to intervene at an early stage in disputes at work before they escalate to the point where a formal disciplinary or grievance procedure has to be used.

The joint Acas/CIPD publication pdf icon Mediation: An approach to resolving workplace issues [1Mb] is aimed at those wanting to set up a mediation scheme in their organisation. It also looks at the impact of conflict in the workplace; why it happens, the stages of conflict and organisational and personal costs.

Performance Management

The Acas booklet on How to manage performance focuses on the role of the line manager in the performance management cycle, including their own training needs to effectively manage the process, agreeing objectives and competencies and managing performance fairly.