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The Acas Employee Feedback Survey

Identify and measure the critical people issues that are affecting your organisation's performance and find out if you are seen as an employer of choice.

Overview and introduction

Time and again, results from employee feedback surveys show that staff who are involved in and enthusiastic about their work are also the most productive. They take a real interest in their job, the business and they go the extra mile.

Organisations benefit greatly from understanding how employees feel about important topics such as their level of workload, supervision structures, their sense of achievement, fair treatment in the workplace, management communications, job security and career path. All of these issues have a direct impact on motivation and performance.

If people are unhappy at work, if they feel that their efforts are not rewarded or that they don't understand the direction the company may be taking, this can impact on performance. It can also affect their life outside of work, causing stress and potentially illness and absence. Employees with a positive attachment to their job, their colleagues and the organisation they work for are better motivated and more equipped to handle workplace relationships, stress, and change.

Organisations that take stock of what employees think and how they are feeling, can help increase an employees' sense of inclusion and wellbeing. This employee is in turn much more likely to suggest innovative ideas that boost productivity.

The Acas Employee Feedback Survey helps you understand and address these issues and can help improve performance in the workplace.

Product factsheet

Employee Feedback Survey Case Study

Increasing your understanding of issues that are most important to employees - key benefits: 

  • Become known as a 'good company' to work for and attract the best employees
  • Save managers' time
  • Reduce numbers of grievances
  • Reduce absence
  • Lower employee turnover
  • Lessen conflict and tension between co-workers, teams or managers and the people they manage
  • Fewer disciplinary warnings
  • Fewer claims to employment tribunals
  • Improve productivity.

The Acas Employee Feedback Survey - modern and comprehensive

The Acas Employee Feedback Survey is a modern and comprehensive research tool based on established high-quality national and international surveys. The survey asks the questions that matter most in your organisation. With the help of an Acas expert adviser, responses can then be mapped against your organisational objectives and priorities and you will then be able to identify potential issues or risks and opportunities for development.

An Acas adviser will explain the results and findings of the survey, provide assistance in examining the implications and will be able to help you plan what to do next. Acas advisers draw from 30 years' experience of resolving conflict and dispute in the workplace and finding ways to enable employers and employees to work more productively together.

What makes the Acas Employee Feedback Survey different?

We will not just sell you a survey. We work closely with you and, where applicable, your workforce representatives throughout. The Acas approach is to provide you with a minimum of two days of Acas adviser time in the set up and roll out of this project. The adviser is also integral to interpreting the survey results for you and suggesting next steps and real-world actions that you can take next.

The survey covers:

  • Levels of job satisfaction
  • Job demands and workload
  • Levels of job security
  • Variety within roles
  • Fair treatment and potential discrimination
  • Bullying and harassment issues
  • Career development perceptions and opportunities
  • Work-life balance
  • Pay and reward perceptions
  • Relationships between employees and managers
  • Communication and consultation in the workplace
  • Involvement in decisions that affect their working lives
  • Trust in management directions.

The survey results will also provide some valuable analysis of responses by areas such as age, gender, ethnicity and disability.

We will package these results for you in a way which will enable you to pinpoint areas for priority development.

Remember, an Acas adviser will be on-hand throughout the process to guide you through the use of the tool. They will also help you to develop a communications plan to roll out the survey in your organisation.

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Report and questionnaire examples:

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