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How do our advisers help you?

The main function of an Advisor role is to improve relationships within the workplace. Improved relationships will lead to engaged staff, a better motivated workforce and increased productivity - all leading to a more improved bottom line and more business benefits for employers.

They act as an impartial, independent adviser and their role is to help groups identify issues, develop solutions and determine a way to move forward within the organisation that all parties are in agreement with. Our advisers are able to draw on a wealth of individual and organisational experience to share good practice and ways in which other organisations have dealt with similar issues.

Advisers are asked by employers to go into workplaces:

  • where the organisation is committed to ensuring that it makes the most of its people assets by staying up to date with developments in HR and putting in place practical policies and procedures to reflect them.
  • where companies are seeking to draw on their experience to help manage transformational change or improve organisational performance by improving employee engagement.
  • where problems have arisen or may arise between the workforce and management, or between groups in the workforce.

It may include issues such as, pay disputes, redundancy, trade unionisation,equal pay or any employment relations subject.

  • where relationship issues arise between a team and/or a manager exist, causing tensions within the workplace.

These situations include discussing with management and staff the process to be adopted in moving the issue forward, such as workshops, surveys; they facilitate group discussion and process to help them reach their own conclusion, which can include producing items such as codes of conduct, new working practises etc.

Our advisers say:

" When helping resolve conflict within the workplace people ask me to go and work for them because in my Acas role I am independent and impartial and this allows me to play devil's advocate in certain situations, asking questions that are pertinent and necessary but that employers feel would be unable to ask".

"Organisations invite me in because they know that I can make a very real difference to the performance of an organisation by helping to reduce conflict in the workplace and ensuring that they really do get the most out of their employees by drawing on my knowledge of effective HR practice".

Adviser feedback following Acas interventions is good, with people appreciating having someone on hand to be that impartial voice and to add a constructive element to discussions or negotiations.

Speak to your local adviser now  0300 123 1150