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Help for small firms

Settling in a new employee: A step-by-step guide

Settling in a new employee - Step 1

Before they start

  • Draw up a checklist of what is being covered in the induction.
  • Decide who will greet the new employee on their first day and who will conduct the induction.
    • Different parts can be handled by different staff to draw on their expertise.
    • But, if you are the owner and manager, the induction may have to be done by you, with input, if appropriate, from any other staff you may have.
    • Work out how long the induction should last - it does not have to be confined to the first day. It may spread over several days or weeks, depending on how it ties in with training for the job.

An word icon Outline of a job induction checklist [75kb] is available to download.

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