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Help for small firms

Settling in a new employee: A step-by-step guide

Settling in a new employee - Step 3

The next few days

Tell them about the job.

  • Explain the role fully, how their performance will be assessed and possible opportunities for development, training and routes for promotion.
  • Run through their terms and conditions so they understand what they mean in practice and details of any period of probation.
  • Explain the company's important rules:
    • what behaviour is expected and what is not acceptable, and work practices
    • how problems concerning performance, discipline and absence, and serious complaints against staff, are handled. These policies should be referred to in the employee's Written Statement of Terms and Conditions of Employment.
    • any other important policies such as the use of the company internet, email and phones
    • cover the small details such as dress code, car parking and canteen facilities.

Legal Check: Health and safety

You must:

  • outline any health and safety precautions employees must take to protect them from harm
  • give details of any training they need to do their jobs safely, and provide any equipment and protective clothing
  • ensure employees know what to do if there is a fire or another emergency
  • explain your insurance policy, in case an employee gets hurt or ill through work
  • let employees know where they can find toilets, washing and first aid facilities, and drinking water.
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