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Settling in a new employee: A step-by-step guide

Settling in a new employee - Step 4

On-going support

  • Choose a member of staff as the new employee's mentor or 'buddy' to help answer questions after the induction.
  • They will also become a point of contact to further develop the employee's understanding of the business and make them feel they belong. If you are the owner-manager, the mentor may have to be you.
  • After, say, six months check with the new employee how useful the induction has proved. This could be part of a general review of how they are settling in, and include a decision at the end of any probationary period.

Special attention

Some employees may need special attention to address issues of confidence or anxiety, particularly:

  • school and college leavers
  • employees with disabilities
  • people returning to work after a break in employment, or changing their work situation
  • management/professional trainees
  • minorities.

For more on this, go to our Recruitment page.

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