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Help for small firms

How to get the best out of your staff: A step-by-step guide

Be prepared - Get the people side of your business right

As the owner or manager you may have clear ideas of how you want to grow your business, but:

  • do your staff understand those ideas and how they will need to be achieved?
  • are you concerned about the way they do their jobs. Are they contributing to those aims to the extent you envisaged?
  • are they not developing in the way you expected?

Getting the best out of your staff is about you:

  • ensuring they understand the overall goals of your business
  • being clear what work each of them must do and how you want them to do it
  • being clear how they will have to work as a team
  • getting a better understanding of individual employees and what they contribute to your business
  • highlighting the on-the-job coaching, support and training they may need to target certain areas of their work or overcome any problems
  • improving and motivating individual and team performances
  • adapting to shifts in circumstances that your business may face - and getting your staff to adapt with you so you are all working towards the same new goals.

This tool is aimed at small firms, and line and team managers in larger organisations.

Acas training

If you're new to HR or employing people you can also sign up for our HR for Beginners training. It's specially tailored to help small firms get their recruitment, contracts, and managing people's performance right. See Human resources management for beginners course dates and locations.

Acas also has a full range of other training courses on hiring, managing and getting the best from staff.

How to get the best out of your staff
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