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Growing your business and keeping it simple

Growing your business and keeping it simple It is often said that the simple ideas are the best. Innovation can be fired by the simple desire to sell an idea, to make a difference, to provide a service, to meet customer demand.

If you are thinking of starting up or expanding, you want to make the most of your business acumen and your creativity. You don't want expanding your business to be complicated or time consuming or too much of a distraction from primary business goals.

Acas has been working with businesses in every sector and at every stage in their growth cycle for forty years. We understand that the magic formula for the people part of growth is Employment law + good practice + 'X' factor = happy, productive staff.

We can provide the first two parts of the equation - with our knowledge of the law and our expertise in helping employers get the best out of their staff.

The 'X' factor is you - your personal vision, drive and circumstances. We can tailor our help and advice to match whatever stage you're at.

Taking on an employee - whether they are your first or your twentieth - doesn't have to be very bureaucratic. Nor does managing them, keeping them motivated, or dealing with any problems.

Acas resources

Here are some Acas resources that have been especially designed to help small firms grow.

If you would like some specific advice on issues within your organisation, you can:

Acas publications - providing advice and guidance to help your business grow


Managing people

Research has shown that it is managers at the first tier of line management who have the greatest influence on the way people behave and their attitude to their organisation. This behaviour can be critical to business success.

View the Acas Managing People guidance online or download pdf icon Managing people [443kb].


How to manage performance

The aim of managing performance is to continuously improve the performance of individuals and that of the organisation. It involves making sure that the performance of employees contributes to the goals of their teams and the business as a whole.

View the Acas How to manage performance guidance online.


Advisory booklet - Employee communications and consultation Employee communications and consultation

Employee communications and consultation are essentially about involving and developing people in an organisation. Employees will be able to perform at their best if they know their duties, obligations and rights and have an opportunity to make their views known to management on issues that affect them.

View the Acas Employee communications and consultation guidance online or download the pdf icon Advisory booklet - Employee communications and consultation [394kb].

Acas training to help encourage growth in organisations

Managing performance

Acas performance management training will show you how to establish clear frameworks in which employees understand what is expected of them in terms of their performance. We will provide guidance on how to establish and communicate standards and expectations which allow employees to fulfil clear requirements of their job and often to find ways in which they can focus and excel. Performance management, the setting of a consistent appraisal processes and the establishment of realistic goals will help managers and supervisors motivate and guide employees to continuously improve and make sure the right people are in place to make a real difference.

View available Performance management courses.

Skills for supervisors

Supervisors need to have a diverse set of skills to lead, motivate, manage and inspire their employees. Acas offers training to help new and experienced supervisors alike build effective and productive working environments. Supervisors are a key part of the management chain and often provide those they line manage with the directions and vision to drive operational performance forward. Our skills for supervisors training sessions cover essential management and communication methods and also key supervision skills such as spotting signs of bullying and dealing with staff absence.

View available Skills for supervisors courses.

Download the full Acas training and business solutions core brochure.

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