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Martin Donnelly, BIS Perm Sec: Good management crucial to increase productivity

Tuesday 14 July 2015

Martin Donnelly, Department for Business, Innovation and Skills' Permanent Secretary shares his thoughts and views on the Productivity debate.


Martin Donnelly

Martin Donnelly joined the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills as Permanent Secretary in October 2010. Prior to this, he was acting Permanent Secretary at the Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO). During his career, Martin has worked on economic and business policy issues across a range of departments, starting his career in the Treasury.

Martin Donnelly

I was pleased to welcome Acas' recent contribution to the pdf icon Building Productivity in the UK [644kb] debate, especially as it so strongly recognises the impact that good management can have on businesses and working people. As Sir Brendan Barber, Chair of Acas puts it in his blog "What happens between managers and staff, the way they communicate and the way they organise their work, matters to UK productivity."

Much of Acas' thinking chimes with what BIS is trying to achieve for the labour market and the economy, as well as broader government objectives around flexibility, innovation and growth. This is set out in the Chancellor's Productivity Plan, published last week.

Acas has a strong 'local' dimension and, judging from the case studies provided in their report, Acas advisors are attuned to what works best in different regional contexts, sectors and environments.

We want to see more workplaces where people make the most of their skills and their creativity to drive innovation and growth. That in turn powers more and better jobs.

The Acas report reflects a broad consensus of opinion across business, trade unions and employer associations. The contributions - from UKCES, TUC, CBI, FSB and Engage for Success - share the view that the workplace has an important part to play in addressing the UK productivity challenge.  There is plenty of work still to be done, but these are good foundations to build upon. It's great to see that we are all thinking along the same lines.

I am sure the seven levers of productivity set out in the report will play their part in helping to improve organisational efficiency and make our businesses more competitive. I look forward to following this debate and learning how these levers impact on different sized businesses and in different sectors.

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  • Posted by Molly  |  17 July 2015, 8:15AM

    I started to read it and couldn't stop. This should be the "bible" for every entrepreneur. I work at and to be honest, Polish companies are actually, surprisingly well-managed. But there are still some thought that we need to reconsider, as I can still see some area for growth. Thank you for this report, you can be sure it will be used.