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Acas launches new Productivity Tool

Acas has developed a new tool to help organisations build their levels of productivity.

The Acas Productivity Tool is designed to help you assess the areas you need to work on to get the best out of your staff and business.

It also identifies which Acas guidance, publications and services will enable you to make progress.

Seven levers of productivity

The tool allows you to focus on any one of the Acas 'seven levers of productivity' and compare the operations of your organisation against each lever. The levers are:

  • well designed work
  • skilled managers
  • conflict management
  • rights and responsibilities
  • fairness
  • employee voice
  • high trust.

The tool sets out four key statements that underpin each lever, and you're asked to see how much you agree with each statement, as a measure of your organisations effectiveness.

For example, in the high trust lever, you could be asked if your managers normally share information about future plans; or whether your organisation has a shared vision for success.

Your answers are used to generate a report which is emailed to you, suggesting places that Acas may be able to help you, and a facility for you to get further assistance if needed.

'There are loads of solutions out there to the productivity puzzle, but many of these cost money,' Stewart Gee, Acas Head of Information and Guidance, said.

'Here is a solution - both the levers and the tool - which is there for free and it should help you find solutions to make things better. It's an opportunity to reframe your thinking, and there's no cost or risk involved.'

Acas publications and services

For more information on the Productivity Tool and how Acas can help you improve the productivity of your workplace, see Building Productivity in the UK, which includes links to the Acas report of the same name, comment from leading voices and relevant case studies.

Acas experts are on hand to come to your workplace and work with you on all aspects of employment relations to create a happier, more satisfied, more productive and more engaged workforce. See Workshops, projects and business solutions or call the customer services team on 0300 123 1150.

Practical training is also available on essential Skills for supervisors and Staff retention, including courses on 'The route to successful employee engagement' and 'Toxic workplace cultures - how to avoid them'.


For free, impartial advice and guidance visit Acas Helpline Online.

Visit the Acas Training Courses, Workshops and Projects area for more information.

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