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Gender pay gap comparison tables coming in 2018, Government says

Comparison tables based on gender pay gap are going to be used to encourage companies to do more to address pay inequality.

Companies with more than 250 employees will have to start calculating their pay gap from April 2017 so it can be published the following year, the Government recently announced.

Publishing pay gap information

The measures will affect around 8,000 UK employers, who will be made to publish information on their gender pay gap and bonus pay gap details, including how many men and women are in each pay range.

They will have to post the information on their company website, and update it every year, with senior executives expected to sign it off personally.

The Government plans to publish the pay gap information by sector in comparison tables, making it easy to see where more action is needed.

To help employers implement the legislation, the Government announced a £500,000 support package, including conference events, free online software, and targeted support for male-dominated sectors.

'Demand more from businesses'

Minister for Women and Equalities, Nicky Morgan said the information would help women 'use their position as employees and consumers to demand more from businesses, ensuring their talents are given the recognition and reward they deserve'.

Large firms account for only 0.1 per cent of UK businesses, but almost 10 million employees (41 per cent of the private sector employee workforce), and a turnover of more than £1,702 billion (52 per cent of total private sector turnover).

The gender pay gap is currently 19.1 per cent for all employees, or 9.4 per cent for those working full-time.

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