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Younger Workers

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The term Younger Worker can cover a range of different types of workers, from someone who has just started their first job while at school to a graduate moving into their first full time role to someone starting up their own business. Staff aged 24 or under are classed as Younger Workers, with special employment protections given to 16-18 year olds.

There are a number of challenges Younger Workers face when they start employment. Some of these are the usual issues that all new workers encounter, others are more specific to Younger Workers, such as making the transition from school to employment, understanding employment rights and learning workplace responsibilities.

It is important that those who are managing Younger Workers are also aware of those challenges and how they can support their staff in their jobs. Younger Workers may require extra support and a more flexible management approach at the beginning of their employment while they become accustomed to the workplace environment. However, if they are managed and supported in the right way, a younger worker can quickly become a skilled and valued member of the team.

Acas provide a range of support and guidance for all sorts of Younger Workers, and their managers.

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