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Free support and advice for small businesses

  1. Support to grow small businesses
  2. A guide for those who are new to HR
  3. Accurate updates on employment law
  4. A simple guide to the NLW and NMW
  5. Quick and easy e-learning for your staff

From running a business and recruiting new people, to workplace management and employment law, it's important for small businesses to stay one step ahead.

Previous changes to laws and regulations and court rulings concerning the the National Living Wage, zero hours contracts, pension auto-enrolment, holiday pay and statutory pay rates, mean businesses increasingly need a sound grasp of the basics.

At Acas, we appreciate that not everyone has the time to become a legal expert. We have therefore compiled a series of concise guides and resources that offer companies practical advice and support on key employment issues. These allow you to quickly dip in and out of the topics you need, simplify complex subjects, get the best from your employees and devote more time to everyday tasks.

We'll also help you avoid common pitfalls, identify strengths and weaknesses and measure your company's overall productivity.

5 ways Acas can help

Our practical A-Z advice resource provides employers with detailed information on common issues and expert guidance on the following areas:

1. Support to grow small businesses

However successful your business may be, new legislation, expansion and even workplace conflicts all require a clear understanding of the small print. We provide a number of resources for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) that cover everything from recruiting new employees and managing staff disputes, to handling pay and wages. These allow you and your staff to quickly get up to speed on business critical issues. We additionally offer an online productivity tool that enables employers to identify the seven most common factors and improve workplace productivity - this will also help them to take practical steps to overcome areas of weakness.

2. A guide for those who are new to HR

People are key to the success of any small firm, and we'll show you how to get the best from your workforce. From practical tips for HR assistants, to advice for managing directors, we provide guidance, tools and resources to help you recruit, arrange inductions, resolve grievances and manage staff discipline. This package includes a range of guides covering subjects such as writing new employee contracts or managing employee absence.

3. Accurate updates on employment law

Keeping track of everyday regulatory changes can be difficult for small businesses. However, the Acas employment law update provides employers with a one-stop resource that offers concise summaries of the current rules and regulations. This also includes launch dates, so employers can make a note of critical deadlines and prepare the required paperwork well in advance.

4. A simple guide to the NLW and NMW

The introduction of the National Living Wage, alongside the National Minimum Wage, doesn't have to be confusing for employers. We provide a simple overview of the current law, plus practical advice to make handling pay and wages simpler.

5. Quick and easy e-learning for your staff

E-learning courses are ideal for small businesses, as they allow you and your employees to get to grips with a range of business topics, and study at a time and pace to suit your working schedule. Acas provides a number of flexible online courses to give you the inside track on everything from bullying and harassment to mental health awareness and holiday pay.

We additionally provide bespoke training sessions for managers, supervisors and HR staff in your workplace on a range of key employment matters.

Other ways we can support your business

Get help online 24/7 

This useful online resource provides 24/7 access to a database of frequently-asked employment queries, and straightforward advice and guidance on common employment relations issues.

Brush up your knowledge at regular events

In addition to our e-learning services we host a number of informative one-day sessions on topical employment issues, such as changes to employment law, recruitment and social media. You can find out about current training events and reserve your place on our training webpage.

Save time with useful templates

Whether you are hiring and managing staff or undertaking disciplinary measures, it is a good idea to have the correct draft letters to hand. We provide free templates and forms to help you save time and run your business more efficiently.

Stay one step ahead with the Acas Blog

Written by Acas experts and guest bloggers, our blog brings you views, experiences and industry insights on the issues that affect your business.

Download free guides

If you'd like to find out more about a specific topic, we offer a series of free guides on a wide range of employment subjects. You can download these at any time and print them out.

Let us know how we can help

If you'd like to discuss how Acas can help your business, please get in touch and an Acas adviser will contact you to discuss your requirements.

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