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Tom Cogan: My first month at Acas

Thursday 09 March 2017

Tom Cogan, an apprentice working in the communications team, reflects on his experience working at Acas.

Six weeks ago I arrived at Acas to start an 18 month apprenticeship in marketing. I've thoroughly enjoyed my time so far although at first I found it daunting. Once I overcame the initial nerves I started to feel comfortable in the working environment.

The main work I will be doing is digital marketing and stakeholder management but I will also try to learn all that I can about other aspects within the communications team.

This being my first proper office job, I was unclear when I first joined what my rights are as an apprentice, how to prepare for my first day and what to expect when turning up for my first week at work.

Looking back now I feel that my induction experience at Acas so far has had a very positive impact on my transition from school into work. Before the end of my first week I had received my written contract, all the equipment I need, an explanation of my working hours, a tour around the office and introductions to everyone. This put me at ease during and has helped me to feel comfortable.

One of my main reasons for choosing Acas is that from my pre-application research I knew that it was a large successful organisation with a reputation, therefore will be able to provide me with networking opportunities and high quality training.

An example networking opportunity is an event Acas are hosting in the House of Lords. I will be part of the stakeholder communications team in attendance.

Acas are reasonably new at hiring apprentices and there was a bit of a delay while they chose my training provider. During this time, I felt a bit apprehensive as I was unsure when my training would start.

However, this was quickly resolved following a chat with my line manager and soon after I was much relieved to meet with my training provider. I am now confident that the training at Acas will live up to my expectations because I feel like I have already learnt a lot already.

I have been on a training course to introduce me to Government communications and a campaigns award showcase, which were both run by the Government Communications Service. These were both very valuable and I especially enjoyed listening to talks from the Executive Director of Government Communications Alex Aiken as I found him very knowledgeable.

I am here for another 17 months and I am sure I will learn and develop as much knowledge and skills as I can from this experience. I think I am very fortunate in joining a company who are workplace experts as I am aware that there are other companies who won't have been as good at managing younger workers and apprentices and therefore would've made my first job experience more challenging.

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  • Posted by Janine  |  17 May 2017, 9:11PM

    Good to see that Acas are setting the bench mark for apprenticeships in the workplace and giving students the chance to gain experience and thrive in a particular sector.