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Tom Neil: Helping small businesses manage staff effectively

Thursday 30 November 2017

Tom Neil, Senior Acas writer discusses helping small businesses manage staff effectively

Tom Neil Tom Neil

Tom Neil is a Senior writer at Acas.




Small Business Saturday on December 2nd is a great opportunity to celebrate small businesses and the people who run them.

To run a successful small business, owners need inventive minds and smart business acumen to identify products and services that will attract customers. 

Staff employed within these small businesses also play a huge role in the success of the business. It is therefore essential that an owner employs the right people, manages them effectively and creates a good team spirit.

This can perhaps seem easier said than done. Thinking about employment relations and employment rights can conjure up images of long lists of regulations that many small business owners simply do not have the time to fully understand.

At Acas, we understand that small businesses are usually short of time and, because they have fewer resources, can come up against obstacles which larger firms do not. So we have compiled short and easy to understand advice especially for small firms.

Acas has a series of guides called Help For Small Firms, which includes:

•       how to recruit the best candidate for the job;
•       drawing up their contract;
•       settling them into the business;
•       effectively managing their behaviour and performance;
•       how to manage a complaint if they raise one;
•       how to manage sickness and other kinds of absence from work;
•       how to get the best out of staff, and;
•       handling pay and wages.

You can use the guides on the Acas website or print them off.

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