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Success Profiles

Since April 2018, the Civil Service has been rolling out a new approach to recruitment: Success Profiles.

Acas will be using this new recruitment approach going forward.

This means that we can now use various recruitment methods when recruiting people for jobs, it will enable a fairer and more inclusive method of recruitment and enable us to assess the range of experiences, abilities, strengths, behaviours and technical/professional skills which are required for different roles.

You can refer to the following links for further information on Success Profiles.

Success Profiles: Overview - Provides information on why the Success Profiles Framework is being introduced and what is new to the recruitment within the Civil Service.

Success Profiles: Candidate Overview - Information for prospective candidates that are looking to apply for roles within Acas

Success Profiles: Experience - Experience is the knowledge or mastery of an activity or subject gained through involvement in or exposure to it.

In the Civil Service experience is most often required for recruitment to senior roles or roles in the professions.

Success Profiles: Civil Service Strengths Dictionary - The things that we do regularly, do well and that motivate us. The Civil Service Strengths Dictionary is a set of defined strengths that are relevant to the culture and type of work that we do.

Success Profiles: Civil Service Behaviours - Behaviours are the actions and activities that people do which result in effective performance in a job.

Success Profiles: Technical  - Technical is the demonstration of specific professional skills, knowledge or qualifications.

There are more than 20 professions in the Civil Service with a wide range of roles available, some of which are specialised. The specific skills, knowledge or qualifications required for these roles will be defined by each Head of Profession.

Success Profiles: Civil Service Ability  - Ability is the aptitude or potential to perform to the required standard.

The Civil Service has a set of psychometric tests which are used to help predict future performance, these include a Verbal Reasoning Test and a Numerical Reasoning Test.

Watch a Civil Service Video explaining success profiles: